FHWA Series 2000 Font Software

The U.S. Department of Transportation Standard Alphabets for Highway Signs and Pavement Markings reference guide remains the only standardized source for the development and application of text for highway signs and pavement markings since its initial publication in 1945. Many technological innovations since then have changed the way in which highway road signs are created, most notably through the use of computer hardware and software programs. While this has simplified the creation of highway road signs, many non-standard or incomplete electronic typeface designs for highway road sign development have emerged. The FHWA Series fonts were developed to address the specific issues relating to highway typeface design by creating a complete, standardized set of typefaces to facilitate the uniform application of text for road and highway sign design.

The FHWA Series 2000 Font Software includes the complete FHWA Series 2000 typeface system and features an expanded character set with the addition of foreign accents, mathematical operators, fractions and enhanced punctuation. The FHWA Series 2000 Font Software is ideal for projects requiring complete control over all aspects of highway sign design and manufacturing. The software collection includes FHWA 2000 Series B, C, D, E, E(m), F, and PM (Pavement Markings) fonts for use with English or Metric units.

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FHWA Series 2000 Font Collection (Windows) 

Single Workstation + Backup 

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FHWA Series 2000 Font Collection (Windows) 

5 Workstations + Backup 

$895.00 USD

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